• Mainstander

    Fair play to Sutton as they look the most likely to be promoted. I do however fear for them if they do with the expense of having to rip up their artificial pitch, small fan base and probably increased wage bill. I have the feeling they could go the way of Macclesfield. Any thoughts?

  • Cheadlender

    @57-hatters-years Yes, Sutton have been most consistent and deserve it overall.

  • admin

    @57-hatters-years said in Sutton Utd:

    A grass pitch was laid on top of the plastic one so they could revert if they got relegated.

    Never knew that!

  • Mainstander


    If Sutton go straight up it's by far the biggest achievement in the NL for years. As I understand it they are part time, (3 mornings a week). Yes, they have a plastic pitch but half of thier games are still away!

    As to the pitch - they may do what Harrogate did and hedge their bets. A grass pitch was laid on top of the plastic one so they could revert if they got relegated.

  • Popsider

    I think ultimately it'll be down to as everything can they afford effectively to go up and be competitive? - I'd probably say not.

    The other argument is do they have a season at it in the Football League which comes at massive costs like ripping the pitch up only to be relegated and lose the majority of their income from the community from hiring their current pitch etc.

    Or they may go up and be a mid table side which they would be very happy with, Harrogate have done fairly well in similar circumstances after ripping their pitch up last Summer but I'm unsure how heavily backed Harrogate are in comparison to Sutton, it's all about the money!

  • Cheadlender

    @moanstander I think if and when they do win promotion we'll probably look back and say they do deserve it along with Torquay if they make it too.

    I definitely think they'll go up and come straight back down, the costs of the EFL will be huge, along with ripping up their pitch and having a considerably higher wage bill.

    Unfortunately there are many teams who could cope with the demands of the EFL infrastructure and pressures, however fair play to Sutton they do deserve it.

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