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    Hey up there's another one out! Yeah, we're back with our regular trip down memory lane, to a time when the Team of the 90s had the best fanzine in the country. It's issue 17 this time, and on the subject of Teams of the Decade, we look back at another win over Palace, managed by fedora-wearing berk Malcolm Allison, albeit in pre-fedora days. Bizarre 90s broadcasting regulations (yep the country was insane then, too) mean that Alan Rothwell makes a guest appearance, and there's a full report from the pre-season game at Morecambe, complete with "police dog being kicked up the arse" story. Oh yes, and there's more about the club trying to get us banned from selling, the rotters. And we're serious about the Team of the 90s, by the way. Have a listen as to why.

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