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    Russ, Nick and Dave E are joined this week by Daz Sampson, the UK's 2006 Eurovision Song Contest entrant.

    After the usual look back and forward at the great County we've watched... on the tellllyyy... we talk about Daz's career both in football and in music. It's quite a contrast between being kicked in the air by an old pro you've just made look silly, and almost forgetting the words to the song you're about to sing in front of 150 million TV viewers - and would they have noticed if he'd rapped the words from "Kung Fu Fighting" instead of "Teenage Life"..?

    Daz also talks about being in Athens for Eurovision, and desperately trying to find out how County were going in in their battle to avoid relegation.

    And for everyone who thinks Daz is merely a pop star ("merely"!), he tells us about his remarkable managerial record, and the frustration regarding why someone like him can't get a job in the English game.

    Finally, Dave talks about resurrecting the TTP podcast, under the TSBW umbrella, and yes, okay, we might also mention the silliness of last Sunday and Monday.

    By the way, the link to the video Daz mentions ("Daz Sampson How It Happened") is here:

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