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    Next up for County, it's another big one Live on BT Sport against fellow promotion rivals Torquay United.

    What are your predictions?

  • Cheadlender

    @57-hatters-years said in Torquay (H):

    he should have absolute control over the 1st team

    This absolutely hits the nail on the head for me.

    I can't understand why any manager would want to literally have somebody else delving into transfer deals and so on behind their backs. For me football management like you say it boils down to having full control over first team matters.

  • Mainstander


    Which is why I raised my eyes when Wilson's appointment was announced. I'm an old codger, and therefore a traditionalist, and cannot see why the manager doesn't have sole control of recruitment, especially when he's got two direct assistants to talk things over with.

    I could have understood a post which addressed the structure of the club below first team level - academy / women / junior set up. Getting the club infrastructure stable and growing. To ask a Manager to look after everything from kids through to 1st team is far too much ... but he should have absolute control over the 1st team

  • Cheadlender

    @57-hatters-years you certainly get that feeling about Simon Wilson don't you and why he's come into the club.

    I'd like to hope Rusk has a more hands on approach and that isn't the case, and he signs who he wants.

    I definitely think the point about Jansen is 100% bang on, but like I've said above if a a manager comes into the football club they should be controlling transfers.

  • Mainstander


    I'd argue that the likes of Newby and Cardwell are exactly the same kind of players that Gannon would have signed. His knowledge of the players in the north west NL / NLN / NPL scene was pretty much unparalleled.

    There's no doubt, in my mind anyway, that Jansen was the driving force behind those signings and not Rusk. Jansen has the same sort of knowledge - and Conlon will have known as well.

    I'm absolutely clear that Rusk's job, no matter what title he is given, is that of head coach - with the recruitment being decided elsewhere. It's the model that Wilson wants in place.

  • Popsider

    Thought we put in a great shift and was unlucky not to have gone on and won the game.

    Onto next Saturday, bring on the fans!!

  • Popsider

    @woodleyhatter You're right. Unfortunately we went through a patch of games after the 4-1 win away at Woking and didn't pick up many points.

    I think Rusk is still yet to put his stamp fully on things until he is allowed to bring in his own players in the summer, the jury is out whether Jim would have picked up as many points as Rusk has done up to now because we'll never know now, but I don't think Jim wouldn't have signed the likes of Newby, Cardwell etc - players who have given us a tremendous boost.

  • Cheadlender

    @supercounty it's a case of too many points dropped in the first few weeks that Rusk took over.

    Having said that we certainly can't fault the job he's done since mind you!

  • Popsider

    @woodleyhatter All we can do is win our three remaining games and see what the others do and go from there.

    If it is the playoffs then we've not deserved to go up outright.

  • Cheadlender

    The title is pretty much out of reach now unfortunately, we just need to win our remaining three games and claim third spot and a semi-final playoff place.

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